About Leigh (Bella) St John

LSJ-best-sellerAchievement Coach and Best-Selling Author, Leigh (Bella) St John helps people to write and self-publish their book – and then works with authors to turn those books into Amazon.com best-sellers!

“I have a wonderful team of people I affectionately call my Elves who work behind the scenes to make sure we successfully achieve our objectives of turning your book into a best-seller – and we GUARANTEE the results!

Having been so successful helping others – specifically self-published authors – to achieve their dreams, Leigh St John (known as Bella to her friends) now lives a lifestyle most people only dream about, helps people all over the globe to discover their passions, achieve their dreams, become best-selling authors and have fun in the process!

“People often ask me where I live?  Hmmmmm, “Planet Earth!” I no longer have a bricks and mortar home anywhere on the planet – the things I want to keep (such as precious books etc) but do not want to cart all over the globe are in a small storage unit, and apart from that, my possessions amount to the contents of 8 suitcases that, thanks to my wonderful luggage concierge (let me know if you want his details!), follow me around the world! I can run my business and work with wonderful clients anywhere I have wifi, so I spend a few glorious months here (for example, the English Riviera), a few fabulous months there (for example various places in magnificent Italy)… I love living the Luxurious Nomad Location-Independent Lifestyle!”

become a best-sellerWhat incredible things are in-store for YOU when you become a ‘best-selling’ author?

Will your future self thank you for the choices you are making today?

Every conscious action is a choice – just as every non-action is also a choice…  Think about your last two years – or even the past six months – and the choices you made…  Is the ‘you’ of today where you want to be as a result of the choices you made?  Have you actually written that book you have been thinking about for years? …or should you perhaps have had a Coach working with you during that time so that the answer to the question would be a resounding “YES”?

Have you written and self-published your book, only to see it languish with no one reading it?

Take the step NOW to reach out and set up an appointment to talk with someone who can help you finally achieve the results you desire with your book…

Don’t look back months or even years from now and think…  “Hmmm, I wonder what would have happened if I taken that step and scheduled a call?”

There is no obligation and you can ask as many questions as you like…