female-readingOK, you’ve completed the quiz, now let’s review your results…

You will notice that on your results page, based on your answers you have percentages for each of the four areas.

The following information is based on the work of Honey and Mumford and will give you insight to your Author Profile, your strengths and your areas for development… and remember, the info below is based on strong preferences for each of the profiles – you may have a strong (high score) or a low (low score) for the profiles.

No one fits 100% into any category.  Look at your results and see where your preferences (higher) scores exist then use that info to help you become a more successful writer and author.


producer-1What is your Producer score?

Producers are practical and ‘down to earth’ realists.  They like to ‘get the job done’.  They have little time for theories for the sake of theories; if it works it’s right for them.  Producers have little time for open-ended discussions; rather they like to focus on the task.  They are not generally people oriented and can undertake a task too quickly without considering the ramifications of a hasty action.



  • see immediate relevance of the learning to their job
  • have practical and clear guidelines
  • try out and practice their learning
  • make the learning experience relate to their work
  • draw up action plans


  • being presented with lots of theory
  • being unable to relate the learning quickly to their current job or problem
  • to work with too many theorists
  • to delay putting their learning into action
  • to have to work around obstructive managers.

Strengths Opportunities for Development
Keen to test things out in practice Tendency to reject anything without an obvious application
Practical down to earth, realistic Not very interested in theory or basic principles
Businesslike- gets straight to the point Tendency to seize on the first expedient solution to a problem
Technique-oriented Impatient with waffle
 Task-oriented On balance, task oriented not people oriented

Circle-question-redWhat might this mean to you as far as your writing is concerned?

As a strong Producer, you are often a large producer of content (even if it’s only produced in your head!), however your greatest challenge is if you don’t immediately see a practical purpose for your work, you tend to dismiss it.

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planner-1What is your Planner score?

Planners are logical thinkers.  There is no place for lateral thinking in their step-by-step analysis of events.  They like to stand back and ask probing questions, making sure all the pieces fit.  Their disciplined approach to problem solving rejects anything that doesn’t fit within a rigid mind set.  Disliking disorder or uncertainty they are uncomfortable with intuitive thought.



  • be presented with overall theories, systems and models
  • check for inconsistencies
  • be challenged by being put on the spot with difficult problems to solve
  • read and listen to ideas which are logically correct
  • reflect on interesting ideas to see if they will fit into the workplace.


  • reveal their emotions and feelings
  • work on something with no obvious connections
  • be given no basic framework or philosophy
  • work without enough detailed information and statistics
  • work with a large group of producers.

Strengths Opportunities for Development
Logical “vertical” thinkers Restricted in lateral thinking
Rational and objective Low tolerance for uncertainty, disorder and ambiguity
Good at asking probing questions Intolerant of anything subjective or intuitive
Disciplined approach Full of “shoulds”, “oughts” and “musts”

Circle-question-redWhat might this mean to you as far as your writing is concerned?

Strong Planners often get caught up in ‘planning’ their writing – then re-planning what they want to achieve – to the point where they don’t achieve… or at least they don’t achieve to the level they would like to achieve.

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ponderer-1What is your Ponderer score?

Ponderers are careful, thorough and give attention to details.  They hate to be thrown in at the deep end or a situation unprepared.  Ponderers like to sit back and weigh up other people’s discussions without getting personally involved.  They are cautious, sometimes to the point of inactivity.



  • consider, assimilate and prepare before acting
  • listen to  other people’s points of view and put them all together
  • stand back and observe
  • be given time to review what they have learned
  • have a structured learning experience
  • produce detailed work
  • make up their own minds at their own pace.


  • chair meetings or be the centre of attention
  • be actively involved in group discussions and activities
  • be rushed so that they cannot produce a perfect and detailed result
  • be told exactly how to carry out a task
  • take risks
  • assert their point of view.

Strengths Opportunities for Development
Careful Tendency to hold back from direct participation
Thorough and methodical Slow to make up their minds and reach a decision
Thoughtful Tendency to be too cautious and not take enough risks
Good at listening to others and assimilating information Not assertive – they are not particularly forthcoming and have no “small talk”

Circle-question-redWhat might this mean to you as far as your writing is concerned?

Strong Ponderers think… and then think some more… and this can be a wonderful thing except when it comes to producing content.

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performer-1What is your Performer score?

Performers are the creators, the brainstormers.  They can act first and think later.  Outgoing and gregarious, activists are not afraid to take the limelight and ‘have a go’.  They are quickly bored and want to move onto the next activity.




  • get fully involved in a side variety of activities
  • have fun
  • role play
  • meet challenges head on
  • be involved in group discussions and activities
  • have a go


  • sit for too long
  • listen to long lectures
  • go over and over one activity
  • stand back and not get involved
  • work on their own
  • attend to detail.

Strengths Opportunities for Development
Flexible and open minded Tendency to take the immediately obvious action without thinking
Happy to have a go Often take unnecessary risks
Happy to be exposed to new situations Tendency to do too much themselves and hog the limelight
Optimistic about anything new and therefore unlikely to resist change Rush into action without sufficient preparation
Willing to come up with ‘interesting’ ideas Get bored with implementation

Circle-question-redWhat might this mean to you as far as your writing is concerned?

Strong Performers are often more interested on telling people about what they are writing as opposed to knuckling down and actually writing!


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